Sunday, 15 February 2015

TV Highlights

This week has been dedicated to essay researching, planning and writing although I did make it out for a lovely afternoon tea today so that sort of made up for a week spent in the library! It has been a little quiet TV wise this week but the start of The Great Comic Relief Bake Off was a definite highlight and I can assure you now, looking at the TV guide, next week's post is going to be jam packed!!

11/2/15 - The Great Comic Relief Bake Off 

THE BAKE OFF IS BACK and the first episode of the four part celebrity special was wonderful! This week, there was an all female line up featuring the singer Lulu, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley from Absolutely Fabulous and Dame Edna Everage. The four had to bake a giant cookie, 12 raspberry tarts and a chocolate cake inspired by an important event. Lulu, Jennifer and Joanna all took the competition pretty seriously and produced some pretty impressive bakes, Dame Edna on the other hand was absolutely hilarious! Paul and Mary trying her 'bakes' - one of which had to be cut out of the tin with pliers - made for some great television!

12/2/15 - The One Show - Julia McKenzie and Rufus Jones

Julia McKenzie and Rufus Jones joined Matt and Alex on The One Show sofa on Thursday to talk about The Casual Vacancy (the TV adaptation of J.K. Rowling's adult novel) - which I expect will feature heavily in next weekend's TV highlights post! Julia plays Shirley Mollison whilst Rufus plays her son, Miles. Rufus was saying that he had read the book prior to reading the script and t was really interesting to hear how he felt he had to act script Miles different to book Miles. There was also a lot of discussion about how the ending of the adaptation has been altered which I am excited to see - some things that work well on a page just wouldn't translate well on screen! I also really love the way that Matt and Alex conduct interviews, they're so friendly yet still in control which always makes their interviews really easy to watch as there are never any awkward moments which just make me cringe.


Oh my goodness, Eastenders has been driving me craaazy this week! Next week is the big, live murderer reveal so the story line is really building up. Lauren now knows who the murder is and has said that a lot of people's lives will be ruined when it gets out. There have been so many little moments this week that have made me change my mind about who I think has done it - could two people be involved?! No one has ever explicitly said that it was a one man/woman job! Also I'm sure Lauren referred to the murderer as a 'he' which narrows the field but maybe she's got the wrong end of the stick... I think that's a sign of a really good programme/story line, something which really gets the audience invested and has them forming their own ideas and endings, I NEED to know!!

Do you watch Eastenders? Do you have any theories??

Lots of love,

Heather x


  1. I'm really looking forward to finding out who the murderer is in Eastenders! It's really been such a long storyline!