Friday, 24 April 2015

Bare With Me...


So it's been a while since I last blogged, even my TV Highlights post hasn't been making it's regular appearance.Maybe some of you were thinking that I'd given up and that my six month run with my blog had come to an end but I wanted to let you know that I haven't and it's not!

My TV Highlights post hasn't made an appearance as I can't actually remember the last time in the past couple of weeks that I watched something live on TV! Everything has been all go of recent, since finishing my lectures, I've had a couple of amazing days work experience with the BBC, I've been back running with Freakworks Film Production company, I've started my training to become a presenter on Hospital Radio and I've been on holiday to Germany (okay, that was relaxing!)

However, when I was in Germany, the most exciting and crazy thing happened: I got invited to an interview with Channel 4 for their only Scottish Apprenticeship. A lot of research and late nights went into my preparation but guess what? I GOT IT!! After my exams in May, I'll be leaving uni to work full time for Channel 4 and I could not be happier. Let me tell you, there were A LOT of tears in my house when I found out!

Anyway, the next two weeks will be 100% dedicated to studying and after that I'll be getting ready to start work!!

Blog posts will be severely limited here for the next couple of weeks but I just wanted to check in and let you know that it's a break, not the end. My blog is still super important to me!

Hope you're well!

Lots of Love,

Heather x

I didn't feel I could leave this post without a picture so enjoy this one of my lil rabbit


  1. Good luck with the future, it sounds like you will have lots of fun! Your rabbit is just too cute! So sweet!

  2. Well done on your recent achievements Heather and I look forward to reading future blog posts :) x

    Always, Alice x

  3. awww!! you rabbit is so cute. Congrats for your job. Best of luck for our future.

  4. Well done heather! hard work is the essence of your dreams!