Friday, 14 August 2015

Channel 4

Channel 4's London Office
This has been a slightly longer blog hiatus than anticipated but I've finally found the time (and energy!) to sit down and write a post about the one thing that has been taking up all of my time for the past month: my new job at Channel 4.

As of the 20th July, I became Channel 4's first and only Scottish apprentice. Channel 4 only has one other editorial office outside of London, in Glasgow, home to the Nations and Regions department, the department which I can very happily call 'mine' for the next 12 months!

Channel 4 is what is known as a Publisher Broadcaster which means that unlike the likes of the BBC, Channel 4 does not make any of it's own programmes, instead, it commissions them from independent production companies up and down the UK. As the company is a product of a parliamentary act there are a series of targets that Channel 4 is responsible for meeting. One of these targets is to produce 9% of the channel's content outwith London by 2020 which is where the Nations and Regions department comes in. My department searches for the producers with the best ideas outside of London and puts them in contact with the Commissioners in London who can give the programme the final go-ahead. There's a lot of traveling involved to find these producers and ideas - two members of the team I'm in travel between London, Cardiff, Belfast and Manchester twice a week and the department also puts on briefing events once a month up and down the country - we're in Leeds on Wednesday - where the London Commissioners travel to meet the Indies and give them a heads up as to what they're looking for in a Channel 4 programme.

Now, this all sounds awfully complicated and probably quite dull but I can honestly say that so far, my time at Channel 4 has been more enjoyable and more interesting than I ever thought a job could be. Every day has been different to the one before and I have had the opportunity to speak to some of the most fascinating people ever - I mean not everyone will refer to the people I've met and spoken to as 'fascinating' but for someone who has been obsessed with film and television from a really young age, they truly are! I could honestly spend all my evenings retelling stories I've heard or sharing things I've learnt but somehow I don't think my friends and family would be quite as interested...

As someone who has never worked a full week in her life (or more than 7 hours in a row to be honest) working a five day week with a day trip to London thrown in has been a complete culture shock and I have ended up in my bed before 9.30 every night (except at the weekends which might actually be the problem). However, I have started and finished work everyday with a huge smile on my face and in total disbelief that I really am starting to follow my dreams (I'm sorry, that's so cheesy but it's true)! After all, can I be anything but happy when I get paid for watching TV and talking to super cool people?!

Lots of love,

Heather x

Monday, 15 June 2015

The Juice Garden

Exams are fiiiiinally over and for me, that means university is over too - well, for the next year and a bit at least!

Seen as I'll no longer be spending the majority of my time in Glasgow's West End with it's quirky cafes and gorgeous parks, I have definitely been making the most of my visits there over the exam period.

After one exam, Mimmi and I headed to The Juice Garden which is now very high on my list of The Cutest Cafes I Have Ever Visited. It's made up like a real garden with fences, plants and synthetic grass flooring and serves the most delicious healthy food and juices going.

Of course, I went for the hummus and pita (which didn't disappoint and also came with a smoked red pepper dip which was very nice) alongside a juice called Big Gym which was a blend of beetroot, blueberries, apple and macca - soo good but you could definitely taste the more savory beetroot. Mimmi went for the raw mint chocolate cupcake which was dairy, refined sugar and gluten free but sill tasted insanely good - how?! - and a acai berry smoothie which she also said was delicious.

Despite the white brick walls and floor to ceiling glass windows looking out onto a very grey Byers Road, The Juice Garden felt very cosy and by the time we were ready to leave (a good two hours later), we had both decided that it was one of our new favourite haunts and that we would undoubtedly be returning!

Do you have a favourite healthy cafe?

Lots of love,

Heather x

Friday, 24 April 2015

Bare With Me...


So it's been a while since I last blogged, even my TV Highlights post hasn't been making it's regular appearance.Maybe some of you were thinking that I'd given up and that my six month run with my blog had come to an end but I wanted to let you know that I haven't and it's not!

My TV Highlights post hasn't made an appearance as I can't actually remember the last time in the past couple of weeks that I watched something live on TV! Everything has been all go of recent, since finishing my lectures, I've had a couple of amazing days work experience with the BBC, I've been back running with Freakworks Film Production company, I've started my training to become a presenter on Hospital Radio and I've been on holiday to Germany (okay, that was relaxing!)

However, when I was in Germany, the most exciting and crazy thing happened: I got invited to an interview with Channel 4 for their only Scottish Apprenticeship. A lot of research and late nights went into my preparation but guess what? I GOT IT!! After my exams in May, I'll be leaving uni to work full time for Channel 4 and I could not be happier. Let me tell you, there were A LOT of tears in my house when I found out!

Anyway, the next two weeks will be 100% dedicated to studying and after that I'll be getting ready to start work!!

Blog posts will be severely limited here for the next couple of weeks but I just wanted to check in and let you know that it's a break, not the end. My blog is still super important to me!

Hope you're well!

Lots of Love,

Heather x

I didn't feel I could leave this post without a picture so enjoy this one of my lil rabbit

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

How to Survive Primark

Don't get me wrong, I love Primark, it's one of my favourite shops and I rarely leave empty handed. However, the rails of totally unorganised clothing, the bright white lights, the mile long queues and the seas of shoppers all searching for a bargain which so often characterise Primark do not provide the most relaxed or stress free shopping environment so I thought I'd share my tips on surviving a trip to the delight that is Primark.

1. Go to Primark at the start of your shopping trip when you're full of energy and enthusiasm and hopefully before the masses have destroyed anything that may resemble organisation in the store.

2. Take a coffee (and cake) break straight after Primark so you can restore some of that energy and enthusiasm which was no doubt killed during your Primark adventures (this will allow you to enjoy the rest of your day shopping.) 

3. CHECK THE LABEL NOT THE HANGER - I can't even tell you the amount of times I've ended up in the changing room with an item of clothing that was my size on the hanger but was a totally different size when I looked at the label.

4. Take the sizes with a pinch of salt - Primark may be cheap and cheerful but the clothes aren't the best quality and the sizes most definitely vary from item to item.

5. Conduct a cull before trying clothes on - Primark is one of those shops where you end up picking up piles of clothes because they're cheap as opposed to nice, take a minute to check through everything you've picked up before heading to the changing room to save time and effort.

6. Take a snack just in case you get peckish, Primark is the worst place to be shopping when hangry.

7. Take a bottle of water to help with the inevitable Primark Headache which results from the bright lights, noisy shoppers and effort of carrying around a tonne of clothes.

8. There will more often than not be another stand of the exact same item somewhere else in the shop if you can't find your size - it might be best to ask a shop assistant to point you in the right direction though.

9. Wear a thin vest top so you can quickly try things on over the top in the store and avoid the massive changing room queues.

10. Take your own carrier bag as the paper bags are useless, especially when you live in Scotland and a downpour is never far away!

Do you have any tips to surviving Primark?

Lots of love,

Heather x

Sunday, 5 April 2015

TV Highlights

Happy Easter!!! I hope you're all as full of chocolate as I am!

I'm so sorry I've been so bad at posting these last couple of weeks but the dreaded Block hit and I had no idea what to write. However, the Easter break and the glimmers of sunshine that we have been seeing have certainly helped and I'm back with plenty of posts planned! For now though, here are some TV highlights from the past two weeks :)

23/3/15 - Tom Felton Meets the Superfans

This was, without a doubt, the ultimate TV highlight of the two weeks, if not the month. As I may have mentioned, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan so Tom Felton's documentary was at the very top of my must watch list. It was so interesting to hear people put into words just how much fandoms like Harry Potter mean to them and to see how the actors and J.K. Rowling herself responded to hearing how life changing their work had been.

23/3/15 & 30/3/15 - Modern Family

I am absolutely loving the new episodes from series 6 of Modern Family which are only just airing here in the UK. Modern Family is such a fun, easy watch a bit like Friends and Lily never fails to make me laugh. 

24/3/15 & 31/3/15 - Ordinary Lies

Finally a series which has filled the hole that Broadchurch left. Ordinary Lies follows the events which unfold after a young British woman, Viv, is caught smuggling drugs whilst on an all expenses paid holiday with her friend, Tracy. Tracy makes it back home despite also smuggling drugs and the series thus far has followed her attempts to save her friend whilst documenting the subsequent drama that fills the car showroom where she works.

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter Sunday, how did you spend it?

Lots of love,

Heather x

Sunday, 22 March 2015

TV Highlights

It has been another slow week in terms of my TV Highlights but a jam packed week in terms of everything else! My week has consisted of lots of lovely lunches with friends, a day trip to Newcastle, a trip to BBC Scotland and of course two hours watching the eclipse - I even squeezed in work and lectures!

19/3/15 - The Truth About Sugar

The Truth About Sugar was a really, really interesting food documentary which explored the relationship that we have with the sugar in our diet; we've heard that high fat and salt diets are bad but now it is sugar that is in the firing line. Scientists were on hand to help Fiona Philips explain the effect that high sugar diets have on our bodies and some willing participants attempted to cut sugar from their diet altogether. Definitely worth a watch if you're at all interested in diets and nutrition

20/3/15 - Stargazing Live

This special edition of Stargazing Live was broadcast at 9am on Friday and followed the eclipse up and down the country. There were reporters everywhere from Lewis to Newlyn ensuring that the eclipse was accessible to everyone even if there were sheet clouds where you were! I really love the way that the BBC uses it's programming to get the nation involved in important and exciting events. The coverage was supported with commentary telling viewers exactly what they were seeing depending on where they were and what was causing the phenomenon. Liz Bonnin was even reporting from a plane above The Faroe Islands where a complete eclipse occurred!

20/3/15 - Coronation Street

I love it when a really old character returns to a programme and that's exactly what happened in Coronation Street on Friday. Bethany Platt returned to the street to add some more stress to Gail's life alongside the whole Michael/Gavin story line. Bethany was only a young girl when she left for Milan with her mum but has returned as a high maintenance teenager and I'm almost certain she'll be bringing some exciting story lines with her.

Did you see any of my highlights this week?

Lots of love,

Heather x

Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipse

This totally wasn't my planned post for today, but this morning's eclipse was so spectacular that I just had to share my pictures with you. It was amazing how cold and dark it got, it was like night time in the middle of the morning!

The sky went dark and it suddenly got very cold and windy as the moon passed in front of the sun, so eerie!

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon, the sun and the Earth line up, causing the moon to obscure the sun. The eclipse that Britain saw today was only a partial eclipse - the last total eclipse was in 1999-  which meant that the sun wasn't completely blocked out. Nevertheless, it was incredible to experience and won't happen again until 2026!

Did you see the eclipse today?

Lots of love,

Heather x

Sunday, 15 March 2015

TV Highlights

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you're all treating your mums/grandmas/other important ladies well!
It's come to that time of the year where the quality of TV programming faces a severe slump: all the drama from the soap Christmas specials has long since ended, series that began at the start of the year have finished and new series are yet to get into full swing. Nevertheless, there have been a few bit and pieces that are worthy of the term 'highlight'!

8/3/15 - I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse

I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse is totally different to anything that I have ever watched before; a surreal reality TV show. I really love the fictional story line behind the show; a new survivor/potential zombie joining the team has definitely made the series gripping! Such a clever and unusual idea for a show.

13/3/15 - Comic Relief
Comic Relief was wonderful this year and I was so happy to hear that the amount raised this year took the grand fundraising total to over £1 billion! My absolute favourite part of the evening of entertainment was The Great Comic Relief Bake Off: An Extra Slice section hosted by Joe Brand. The four star bakers from The Great Comic Relief Bake Off returned with a bake to be judged by Mary Berry whilst highlights of the episodes and behind the scenes footage was shown. Joe Brand's comic timing is impeccable and she had me crying with laughter more than once!

Hope you've all had a good weekend, have you seen anything good this week?

Lots of love,

Heather x

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is fast approaching so I thought I'd share some ideas for Mother's Day presents and treats in case anyone is still looking for inspiration. I know that we should show our mums how much we love and appreciate them everyday of the year but Mother's Day is a lovely occasion to make your mum, or someone who is like a mum to you, feel extra special :)

1. Personalised Gifts

Like this cushion from Not on the High Street - which is what my mum is getting this year (don't worry, she won't see my blog until after Sunday!) Personalised gifts are super special and show that you've put a lot of thought and effort into the present.

2. Spa/Beauty/Experience Vouchers

I often get my mum spa vouchers for her birthday and I have  friends who've booked afternoon teas and boat trips for their mums which have gone down a treat.These sorts of things are great as you can both enjoy them together and they're a bit different from your usual gifts. Groupon, Travelzoo and Wowcher usually have deals for these kinds of presents.

3. Make a Meal (or a Cake)

Is there a better way to show your mum just how much you love her than letting her put her feet up whilst you whip up dinner or waking her up with a plate of croissants and mug of tea? You don't have to spend loads on some amazing present, I'm sure your mum will appreciate a lovingly made slice of toast and a cup of coffee just as much! If breakfasts and dinners just aren't your forte, how about a spot of baking? Homemade presents are often the best (and most delicious) kind!

4.Cinema/ Theatre Tickets

Similar to an experience voucher, how about treating your mum to a cinema or theatre trip? Again, it's a bit different to flowers and chocolates - although you can never really go wrong with flowers and chocolates - and it's something you can both enjoy together.

5. Photos

In my opinion, photos are one of the best presents that you can give or receive. They're really personal and a lovely way to relive memories that you've shared.You could arrange a whole load of photos in an album or a favourite in a frame.

Hope I've been able to give you a nudge in the right direction if you're still looking for that perfect present!

How are you planning to treat your mum this Mother's Day?

Lots of Love,

Heather x

Sunday, 8 March 2015

TV Highlights

My essays have all been submitted and I am finally freeeeee!! Well, for a week or two until exam revision starts that is...To celebrate the end of my essays, I was treated to a lovely spa day with my mum yesterday which was absolutely incredible and left me feeling very relaxed!
Not an awful lot has caught my fancy this week TV wise and my Monday evening certainly wasn't quite as exciting without Broadchurch or Silent Witness - Arthur and George on STV just din't live up to my expectations! I have however, been loving all the Comic Relief build up that has been going on.

1/3/15 - The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy came to it's dramatic conclusion on Sunday evening and it did not disappoint. The three part series had me gripped from start to finish and definitely did the book justice, although, one of my favourite characters in the book ended up being my least favourite in the TV adaptation! The ending was quite different to J.K. Rowling's but I knew that that was going to be the case and I didn't mind one bit as it was done really well - I felt it was very justifiable which is always important. My only slight grievance was that in the book, all the characters had very different back stories which were all explored in some depth however, the series only focused in on three or four of these stories so a lot was missed out. I know you can never expect everything to make it into an adaptation but a couple more episodes wouldn't have gone a miss!

4/3/15 - The Great Comic Relief Bake Off

Victoria Wood, Kayvan Novak, Alexa Chung and Chris Moyles were the celebrities in this week's charity edition of The Bake Off. I love how seriously they all take it and the extents they go to to impress Mary and Paul; Kayvan tried out a very experimental tray bake with quince jam and quinoa flour whilst Chris used a skull shaped cake tin for his self portrait showstopper cake.

6/3/15 - Graham Norton Comic Relief Special

Jennifer Saunders, David Walliams, Cheryl Fernandez-VersiniJohnny Vegas and Jack Dee joined Graham Norton on the sofa this week to celebrate 30 years of Comic Relief. A particular highlight was a clip of David Walliams returning to Kenya where he had met an orphan called Philip four years ago. David returned to see how Comic Relief had changed Philip's life using the money that we raise and donate. Philip was now happy and healthy and went to the local school. It was a really lovely piece and great to see how our money can make a difference.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Have you been up to anything exciting?

Lots of love,

Heather x

Friday, 6 March 2015

Afternoon Tea for Two

Last weekend, I took my friend, Freya, for afternoon tea at the Ravelston House Hotel in Musselburgh, just outside Edinburgh, as a *very* belated Christmas present. 

It took us about 20 minutes to get from Musselburgh station to the hotel but the wintery sunshine and lovely views made the walk very pleasant!

When we arrived, we were show to our table in a lovely little restaurant and each offered a glass of prosecco (we could of had tea or coffee but it would have been very impolite to decline prosecco.)

The hotel seemed like a very popular spot for afternoon tea as a fair few tables around us had little cake stands full of scones and sandwiches which is what I was expecting. However, our afternoon tea was a bit different. 

We were both given a menu to choose a sandwich topping from. I went for garlic and chili prawns whilst Freya decided on the artichoke, sundried tomato and feta cheese option. The snadwiches were certainy not your average sandwich, they were chibattas with the top scooped out and filled with our toppings. We both agreed that the sandwiches were delicious and  looked great too.

My prawn number
Freya's vegetarian option
Following the sandwiches we were offered a little platter of cakes with a fairy cake, a mini victoria sponge slice and a piece of shortbread each.The cakes were lovely and light although the victoria sponge needed a little more jam in my opinion! The shortbread was amazing and definitely my favourite piece of the platter which is odd considering how much I love cake! 

The restaurant itself was lovely and cosy with rustic wood tables and chairs and rough stone walls. It was also relatively busy which gave the whole place a nice atmosphere.

We both really enjoyed our afternoon although there was a distinct lack of scones considering it was supposed to be an afternoon tea. The sandwiches definitely stole the spotlight and I'd make a trip back to the Ravelston Hotel for another!

Have you ever been for an afternoon tea?

Lots of love,

Heather x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

TV Highlights

How is it Sunday already?! The week seemed to go incredibly slow yet the weekend - which I spent in St. Andrews visiting two of my best friends - has flown by!

Television wise, it has been a week of awards with The Brits and The Oscars. Unfortunately I didn't manage to watch all of The Oscars but I was very happy to see that Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor and Big Hero 6 won best Annimated Feature Film when I caught up on the highlights!

22/02/15 - The Casual Vacancy

I am absolutely loving the television adaptation of J.K. Rowling's novel. Part two of three saw a dramatic dinner party in the quiet town of Pagford as the council vacancy election draws closer, there were plenty of home truths and another message from The Ghost of Barry Fairbrother. The music is perfect and gives the programme a really unusual, dark vibe which very appropriate for the story line. I'm very much looking forward to the finale tonight!

23/02/15 - Broadchurch

Broadchurch is overrrr!!! I have to say I was a little disappointed with the conclusion of the trial and Danny's murder case however, I loved the Lee/Claire story line which, if I'm honest, I've been more interested in all along!

25/02/15 - The Brit Awards

Aren't The Brits brilliant? I love a good awards show and The Brits are definitely my favourite. Ant and Dec did a great job hosting the ceremony and Ed Sheeran's performance was a particular highlight. Of course, there was also that fall which needs a mention as I am sure it will go down in TV history but I thought Madonna did an excellent job and carried on like a true professional.

Do you have a particular TV highlight from the week that was?

Lots of love,

Heather x

Friday, 27 February 2015

A Day on Set

Last week, I had the chance to spend a couple of days working as a runner for an independent film production company -Freakworks Films - based in Edinburgh. A runner is someone who is on hand to help the cast and crew wherever possible  and make tea whenever needed, perhaps not the most glamorous job in the film industry but certainly a very, very fun one.
When I was in, Freakworks was working on a historical production for Harlech Castle in Wales. This was super interesting as there were loads of medieval props and costumes involved.
The first day was a day for the crew to set everything up and film the shots which didn't require the actors. The director, Andrew, had been given a brief by the client and had planned all the shots he wanted to film which he'd then edit together in post production. A lot of time on the first morning was spent trying to get props to look and work exactly how Andrew imagined they would. I got to work with the prop guy, Paul, for a bit which was so interesting as if something just wasn't quite working, he'd come up with a solution off the top of his head using what was at hand. For example, for one shot petals needed to fall slowly in front of the camera and when this didn't look quite right, Paul decided to thread the petals along some fishing wire so they were controllable.

I worked a lot with Emma, the production assistant, who was in charge of ensuring that everything ran smoothly and to time and I also had the very important job of getting everyone's lunch! 

I spent the afternoon working with Lauren in the costume department and even got to dress up as a knight when Lauren needed to work out how all the armour fitted together!

Day two was totally different despite being on the same set. All the cast were along and I got to help out with their costumes as well as ensuring their tea and coffee mugs were kept topped up. I also did a bit of admin, helped out with the lighting and even had my hand make a cameo appearance in the piece!
The days were long and full on - we spent a full 12 hours on set the second day as we had a deadline to meet - but it was a brilliant experience and gave me such a good insight into the the world behind the screen. I got to speak to loads of really cool people and learnt so much in the short time I was there. Definitely worth the 6.20am starts!

Hope you all have a good weekend! Do you have any plans?

Lots of love,

Heather x

Sunday, 22 February 2015

TV Highlights

THE MURDERER HAS BEEN REVEALED and what a plot twist it was (I'm talking about Easteneders just to clarify, SUCH an exciting week!) and the TV listings weren't the only exciting thing either, I had the chance to spend two days working as a runner on the set of a short history documentary in Edinburgh this week which was fantastic. I had an absolute blast and learnt a lot about the film industry at the same time however I'm hoping to do a post on my time on set next week so for now, onto the TV highlights:

15/02/15 - I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse 
I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse is a new reality TV show which I was very intrigued by. The show follows a group of 'survivors' who have to keep themselves alive during a 'zombie apocalypse'. The team were given challenges to find necessary supplies like food and bedding while avoiding the killer zombies. It was very different to anything I'd watched before but I really rather enjoyed it!                      

15/02/15 - The Casual Vacancy


The adaptation of J.K. Rowling's adult novel has arrived and I love it! The Dicken's style novel follows the dramatic events that unfold in the peacful town of Pagford following the death of Barry Fairbrother which opens a casual vacancy on the town council. I was really intrigued as to how the book would translate on TV but it works very well, it's quite dark and is more modern than I was expecting but that's certainly no bad thing. However, like in the book, there are a lot of characters and it gets a bit hard to keep track of who is who but I'm sure that will get easier as the series progresses

16/02/15 - Dance Moms

Dance Moms was brilliant this week, the team headed to LA and Abby completely lost it! There was a load of childish drama and bickering as well as some amazing dancing - the best sort of guilty pleasure!

 18/02/15 - The Great Comic Relief Bake Off

Johnathan Ross, Zoe Sugg, Abbey Clancy and Gok Wan took to the Bake Off tent this week and produced some great television. Johnathan Ross was particularly bad which was particularly enjoyable, although he did manage to produce quite a tasty looking showstopper - unlike Zoella! (Her cupcakes did look the best though.)

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Eastenders was absolutely brilliant this week and not just due to the big reveal! Loads of loose ends were tied up and new storylines were established, there was a birth, a muder and more than one confession, excellent TV! A particular highlight was the recreation of the opening scene of the first ever episode in Thursday's first installment, I thought that was a really lovely touch to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Each episode this week had a live section and then Friday's episode was completely live, which is absolutely incredible from a production point of view. It's amazing how they switched back and forth between live acting and pre-recorded material without a hiccup and without continuity errors in setting/costume. The actors were all fabulous too, I guess it's one thing to present live but to act a very emotional scene live must be a whole different kettle of fish, it was so good that I felt a bit emotional myself and I do NOT get emotional at TV programmes! I also loved how other programmes on BBC One got involved with Eastenders's huge week; there was a special Eastenders edition of Graham Norton on Monday, a little countdown clock on The One Show and a live 'behind the scenes' programme after Friday's episode.

Moving away from Eastenders, there was a great feature on BBC Breakfast on Monday morning - which you can watch here - about a little boy called Billy Byron who's name has been borrowed by his favourite author, Michael Morpogo, as the name of the hero in his new book. Billy made an appearance on the Breakfast sofa where he received a video message from Michael which made for a lovely, cheery piece. It definitely brightened my Monday morning!

What an excellent week of television it has been! Next week will have to do a lot to top it although The Oscars, The Brits and the Broadchurch finale are on so I'm not ruling it out just yet!

Did you watch anything good this week?

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

Lots of love,

Heather x

Friday, 20 February 2015

Hummus and Pitta Recipe

Have I ever told you how much I love hummus? Well, I love it a lot, I love it so much that I decided to attempt to make some myself - along with some pitta bread as what's hummus without pitta? - and I'm pleased to say it was a resounding success!

Whilst it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing culinary creation, it was really simple to whip up and rather tasty, even if I do say so myself, so I thought I'd share the recipe! (I'm also on the hunt for a better location to take recipe pictures, our shiny kitchen worktops really aren't cutting it.)

For the pitta:

250g wholemeal flour
150ml water
2 tsp olive oil
1.5 tsp fast action yeast
 Pitta bread is so easy to make that you barely even need instructions, you literally just add the flour, yeast, oil and half the water to a bowl and begin mixing, continuing to add the remaining water as required until a dough is formed. You then knead the dough on a clean surface for 5-10 minutes until it feels nice and smooth. Once the dough is smooth, return it to the bowl and cover with a tea towel before leaving it to prove for around two hours - until it has doubled in size.

Before proving
After proving
 Once the dough has doubled in size, sprinkle a baking tray with flour and pre heat your oven to 180°C. Split the dough, being careful not to work it too much more and place on the floured tray, my dough made eight reasonably sized pittas (I had to split them over two trays). Bake for roughly six minutes, until air pockets begin to emerge.

For the hummus:

1 can chickpeas
1 clove garlic
2tbsp lemon juice
2tbsp water
1tbsp olive oil
(A lot of hummus recipes use tahini -  a sesame seed paste - but my recipe worked well without)
Again, hummus is so easy that an extensive recipe is hardly required. The most challenging part was de-shelling the chickpeas, who knew they had shells?! This was quite time consuming and involved squeezing the chickpeas until they popped out of their papery shell but it ensured the hummus was smooth and creamy. Once the chickpeas are appropriately deshelled, simply add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

Those pesky shells
Mmmm hummus

 So there you have it, a super simple hummus and pitta recipe! Let me know if you give it a go :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, do you have any plans?

Lots of love,

Heather x